Amigurumi Monsters

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Dim the lights, bring out your flashlight and quickly check underneath your bed: this new book will reveal the most adorable amigurumi monsters!

They come in every shape and color, and even though they look scary at first sight, they're actually quite sweet at heart. Our designers have released their inner Frankenhook. You'll see Solomon Sockeater munching on a pair of tights, YumYum sneaking inside your snack cupboard, Bibi and Zak singing songs to collect as much candy as they can, Monster Mother soothing her babies with chilling tales of human snoring, Scaredy Eddy holding tight onto his teddy bear and Little Ellla hiding away in her monster suit, ready to spook them all! And there is much more lurking between the pages of this book.

Carefully pick up your crochet hook, hold onto your yarn and venture inside the monster parade. Beginners as well as advanced crocheters will be rewarded with the scarily cutest monsters you've ever seen! All patterns are accompanied by easy-to-follow instructions as well as explanations of all stitches used, and are easily customizable, so you can make an amigurumonster of your own.

Presale at this discount price will run until August 23 only. Click the pictures below to discover the patterns available in this new book.

Design contest package
Amigurumi Monsters
+ Amigurumi Circus
+ Amigurumi Animals at Work
+ Amigurumi Parent and Baby Animals


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 x Amigurumi Monsters

 x Crochet Kids' Bags

 x Amigurumi Globetrotters

 x Amigurumi Winter Wonderland

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 x Amigurumi Circus

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 x Zoomigurumi 3

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 x Amigurumi Fairy Tales

 x Amigurumi Animals at Work

 x Amigurumi Parent and Baby Animals

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What does pre-sale mean?
The official release date for this book is November 1st, 2017. For our website visitors we host this exclusive pre-sale where we ship the books as soon as the first copies arrive hot off the press. This means we'll ship out your order on August 28. As a little extra for your pre-sale purchase, you'll immediately get the PDF edition in your email inbox, so you can start crocheting right away.

When does the pre-sale end?
The pre-sale ends on August 23.

What happens when I buy the book?
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Yes! Use the custom order tool (orange box) to create your personal bundle. When you buy multiple books, there is a nice discount.