Whip out your wands (I mean, hooks): this year's design contest will conjure up the most amazing Fantasy Creatures! Fascinating fairies, unique unicorns, dramatic dragons, mesmerizing mermaids and many more from all corners of your imagination can compete to see who's the most magical of them all, and gets to spirit away the amazing prize basket!

No worries if your entry has recently been submitted and is not yet visible. Submissions are approved 3 times a week, so it can take a day or two before your entry shows up.

Update: Voting will take place from December 3 till December 10 by the audience of amigurumipatterns.net.

Gracie the Fairy Godmother by Beachnicky

Briony the Tooth Fairy by Beachnicky

Little Peryton by Airali design

Tiny Treehead by Emmi Hai

Chloé 'Baby Angel of the Seas' by yesiltosba

Nomadic Galaxy Pony, Alyssum by Projectarian

Riley the rainbow unicorn by Josie Friebele

Cerberus the Puppy by spin-a-yarn

Eugenia the Griffin by Mi Amiguri

Peter el bebé hipocampo by Tortuamigurumis

Alan the Centaur by Polly Cook

Pip the harpy by Cassidy Morris

Griffey by Polly Cook

Dali by One Sweet Love

Lunalia the Princess Jellyfish by Diceberry Designs

Jojo The Mandrake by Tidorim

Arista the Siren by Diceberry Designs

Dylan by 3amgracedesigns

Bella by 3amgracedesigns

GozMarel the gargoyle by DreaCrochets

Caila the Cactus Cat by Amiable Amigurumi

Queen B fairy by MOMigurumi

Grandma Roses fairy by MOMigurumi

Yogo Lily the spirit by Bia Moraes

Two-Headed LLama by LoliFox

Horace the Sleepy Time Centaur by Caroline Roberts

Nalon dragon by saradesings

Fada Sofia by SIMONE DA MAIA

Crystal Skyla the Flying Unicorn Dinosaur by Plushies Cuteness Creations

Tiny Yeti by LoliFox

Gibson the goblin by Charlie & Finn

Sir Frogalot by Charlie & Finn

Hope by Charlie & Finn

Bali The Unicorn by Two Bee and Fernanda Vallú

Leon, the mermaid lion by Radi

Mist the Dryad by Natalia Devia

Tino, the fantastic dragon by Radi

Hadara by Romigurumis

Gingerbread Man by Two Bee and Fernanda Vallú

Winnie the Water nymph by Rock n Doll Stars

Leandor the Pegaso by Laia Pujadas Valencia

Mary Violet by My Little Harpy

Komainu by Pokegirl93

The Nature Sisters by TurtleBunny Creations

Stompy the Troll by TobySuperHooks

Mono The Tree Spirits by Fernanda Vallú

Leaf the Woodland Elf by HooksyDaisy

Fungo the Forest Gnome by Sameko Design

Kale by Morris

Kitsune the nine-tailed fox by Amigurinos

The witch and the frog by Avigail Rabin

Emicorn by Rock n Doll stars

Primavera by Shirley Borges

Miri, fairy sea horse by Cleonia

Wizard Ralph by Alinies

Paco the Vampire by Zipzipdreams

Magellano the dragon by Donnaraita

Mr Augustine by Cravamimo

Magic the unicat by IUPI CROCHET

Ziggy the Dragon by ringbeller

Baubau by Croșetuța

Vera the mermaid by IUPI CROCHET

Mari the Cottage Fae by Sweet Softies

Walter the flying Jackalope by Poppy Village

Lilly the forest elf by Sarah Abbondio

Erin the Ballerina Unicorn by YoYo's Yarn

Mia the Mermaid by BlossomAlley

Mesmerizing Mermaid in Devil Costume by morcekirdek

Wiley the Wolpertinger by Liens Creations

Akemi, The Sunrise Spirit by amigurumistassia

Ebru the Witch by Lulubal

Melody the Whimsical Unicorn, and Jake the Baby Dragon by TonkiCrafts

Mayuri the Garden Fairy by The Purple Cow

Chamy the Elf by Lulubal

Juan the Frog Prince by Amidemic

Lara, the Llamacorn by Maria Handmade Design

Trifeathertops the dragon ancestor by Handmade On The Homestead

Iris the Nymph by Lulubal

Bunmaid by Gueski

Tessa the Tooth Fairy by Stella C

Krampus Jr. by Marina Montelo

Emily the Little Mermaid by Lia Arjono

Unicorn by ta-sign

Tianna the Little Fairy by Lia Arjono

Mermaid by ta-sign

Snow spirit by ta-sign

NaMu by Jiyoun's Handmade

Unicorn by ta-sign

Layla the unicorn by Sarah Abbondio

Pandacorn by ta-sign

Elisabeth the elf by Nele

Kees the Kentaur by Zum flauschigen Einhorn

Nela the mermaid by Passionatecrafter

Pixy Peggy Sue by J Hook

Naia baby dragon by saradesings

Blanquito, the snow spirit by canel

Freddy the little waterdragon by trendykim

Dragons LIpp & Phill by SKatieDes

Ziggy the Uglycorn by Toffoletta

Mary the Unicorn Fairy by Theoria Loop

Kerberos by Crotchety Hooker

Bob the baby Unicorn by Petter Petite

Natsumi the Kitsune by Mon Ami Designs

Dina the Gilled Antelope (Cambodian cryptid) - water breathing deer by The Yarn Sculptor

Dragon Elliott by LàRosa Crochet

Nekomata-chan by Goksu Ozer

Unicorn Family by The Wandering Deer

Little angel by Mispeltoy crochet

Rainbow Unicorn by Maria Mayor

Cherry Blossom Fairy Giraffe by Maria Mayor

Zeus by Loveandfire

Yumicorn by Yum Yarn

Lali the Transforming Mermaid by Kiwiball Creations

Trickster, the super kawaii kitsune by Sugar Pop Crochet

Amaryllis by

Pixer the Fairy Dragon by Yoena

Mini Unicorn (Unicornio mini) by Papik

Pink Unicorn (Unicornio rosa) by Papik

The Apple Tree Spirit by Jenni Duchon

Terracotta Unicorn (Unicornio terracota) by Papik

Blue Unicorn (Unicornio azul) by Papik

Color crest dragon (Dragón con cresta de colores) by Papik

Malala the Swan Maiden by Blythe Tanner

Peri (Periwinkle) by Soul Stitched

Marina by My Little Harpy

Cleo the Unicorn by BlossomAlley

Aspen, a Little Deer Fairy by Smiley

Jasmine the garden witch by Minasscraft

Nieve, the Snowflake Fairy by radi

Cupid by Elfin Thread

Gwendolynn by Dani's Crochet Art

Wizard by Amigurumi Haaksels

The Summer Fairy by Elfin Thread

Fredrico and Trolina by Avigail Rabin

The Winter Fairy by Elfin Thread

Kappa by Ohioja

Merlin by amifan

Winny, winter season fairy by @pimpilou_crochet

Autumn, a graden season fairy by @pimpilou_crochet

Summer, season garden fairy by @pimpilou_crochet

Merkitty by Minasscraft

Iona the Selkie by Tails of Yarn

Freesia The Rainbow Mermaid by Minasscraft

Drago the flightless by MsHollowfox

Elvira the Woodland Elf by Sweet Softies

Maeve the Fairy Princess by Sweet Softies

Tum Tum by Shirley Borges

Pegasus loli amigurumi by Mary Fairy

Ylune by @dianyrizo

Priya the Unicorn by Fairyland Amigurumi

Kiels by @dianyrizo

Anis, the unicorn by Elá Camarena

Iled,el pudú alado. by Gurumis

Somus the sleepy Gnome by Fairyland Amigurumi

Butterfly Fairy by Amidemic

Yue (Yu-Eh) the Moon Rabbit by Michelle Anne - Little Match Girl

Lily - The World Turtle by Pequeno Reino

Dinky the Dragon by HanCrafted Crochet

Pretty the Witch by Pequeno Reino

Tammy the troll by By BaT

Rainbow the Mermaid by Fairyland Amigurumi

Morgaine by Fairyland Amigurumi

Fargdarf the Unicorn by gitterbug

Amor the Cupid by Zipzipdreams

Meander by Zilt

Fantasy Beach Party by Crafty Tibbles

Elf and Troll by Crafty Tibbles

Chubby Gnomes by Lucy Collin

Bumble the Brownie Troll by Lucy Collin

Little Dragon Hatchlings by Lucy Collin

Agneta, The Centauride by RUCA's

Tiny Baby Dragons by Lucy Collin

Cuddly Dragons by Lucy Collin

Lady Peacock the phoenix bird by Dlkbrkn

Yeti and Bigfoot Families by Lucy Collin

Tutu, the unicorn by THM - By Dani Dalledone

Bibe, the Pandacorn by THM - By Dani Dalledone

Mookoli the SeaHorseUnicorn by FarlyDesign

Pinto the Magic Bean by Sinny's Stitches

Crescent the Moon Rabbit by Puciland

Yvo the Yeti by THM - By Dani Dalledone

Maddy by Woolinda Handmade

Nessie the Loch Ness Monster by Patchwork Moose

Ignis the Phoenix by Stella C

Joy the Tooth Fairy Bunny by Sweet Miru

Koji the baby Dragon by DIY Fluffies

Fruzzy the fantasy dragon by Amigurumi Haaksels

Harriet the Pegasus by LittleAquaGirl

Galahad the Dragon by The Stitch Tower

Mortimer the Satyr by Bajo una seta

Lila the Flower Fairy by Cherished Heirloom Crochet by Gina

Ella the Flower Fairy by Cherished Heirloom Crochet by Gina

Yanina, the Punk Dragon by mad_toymaker

Fluffy rainbow unicorn by Nube morada

Ugy by JennysitaDesign

Lemonberry the good luck dragon by Yarns of Love

Fluffy Cockatrice by StreetsTellStories

Mr Cthulhu by Toes Over The Line Design

Horus by Toes Over The Line Design

Terence the Wizard by Toes Over The Line Design

Mara Medusa by flauschig³

Finn the Phoenix by one.monday

Pandicornio by Tejegurumi

Lajuna - the Kittycorn by Croggle

Nyla the Loch Ness Sea Creature by Plushies Cuteness Creations

Bella Fairy Hippo by Madelenon

Maid Medusa by Mary Shirou

Jimmy the Wizard Goat by ringbeller

Snow Maiden Snegurochka by yorbashideout

Shimmering Koibito by Tiny Rabbit Hole

Selenzium the Moon Dragon by Tiny Rabbit Hole

Lovestruck Louis by Mamauz

Gilda Sprockberry the Garden Gnome by Jacki Donhou

Fianna the Angel-Fox and Caity the Angel-UnicornCat by Plushies Cuteness Creations

La sirenita by Lvillamesa

Happy unicorn by Lvillamesa

Christopher de Krampus by Toes Over The Line Design

XYLON THE SATYR by Tarturumies

Gentle the Griffin by Amy's Yarnival

Kiki the baby phoenix by DIY Fluffies

Nori the merbaby by Amigurumei

Túlio by Clara Camila Modesto

Pearl, The Sea Fairy by Ai Chan Amigurumis

Hope the Jackelope by Grietjekarwietje

Yule the Faun by Tessa van Riet-Ernst

Picomaru the Baby Unicorn by Tiny Rabbit Hole

Lazy Rainbow Unicorn by Tiny Rabbit Hole

The First Unicorn to Land on the Moon by Tiny Rabbit Hole

”Bella“ (winter fairy) by @steffinieswand

”Flora“ (autumn fairy) by @steffinieswand

”Petunia“ ( summer fairy) by @steffinieswand

”Rosa“ (spring fairy) by @steffinieswand

Peaceful Mandrake by Butterbearmade

Reggie the Friendly Dragon by Nicola Kimpton Creative

Missy Mermaid by Sundot Attack

Faye the tooth fairy and Tootsie the tooth keeper by Sundot Attack

Lachlan the Leprechaun by Stitch Witch Creations

Violet the Mermaid by Stitch Witch Creations

Permafrost by YarningDragon

Mer-People of the World by anniegurumi

Tula by JessicaGrace Designs

Chisu, the fire Dragon by Nabila

Sue the Amazon Girl by Sule Esen (@giftbreak)

Hydra by Akamatra

Jesse the Jackalope by AmiAmore

Man-Go the faun by Pas@Pas de Chat

Jack A. Lope by Pokegirl93

Candy the Mermaid by Yum Yarn

Aphrodite by Loveandfire

BOTO by @pupi_popi

JENNY by @pupi_popi

Elvie, the elf by Manuska

Gene the Genie by Keep Calm and Crochet On U.K.

Redhair witch by Amtai_artesania

Medusa by Hardicraft

Jane the Mermaid by Jane Doll Patterns

Copito the unicorn kawaii by Arte con las manos

Medusa by Ichbinnoemi

Mermaid Glimmer by Inbalen

Sugar Plum Fairy. by Kuddly Kerry's Kreations

Warrior the griffin by Cats_Kidd

Elwood the Faun by The Hippy Cryptid

Stormbringer by EmilyHCreates

Iris of the Woodlands by EmilyHCreates

Slibberdabber the Goblin by EmilyHCreates

Lyra the undine by Natalia Devia

Finn Firedrake by EmilyHCreates

Indri the Harpy by Natalia Devia

Valentine by Reverie by Carolina

Sea Nymph Sisters by Tamara Ramsey

Yasik, the Baby Elf by mad_toymaker

Moochy the Maneki-Neko Cat by Enna Design

Valentina the Mermaid by BD Hook

Berenbella The Witch by BD Hook

Harry, the Fawno by Nana Amigurumi

Doomma the Dragon by VH22 DESIGNS

Cindy the baby phoenix by HabibiCrochetCreations

Aveleen the fairy reindeer by FairyGurumi's Crochet

Lisa the Forest Fairy and Matilda the Snail by Reni

Little Witch Nora by Amidemic

Mia the Mermaid Princess by Amidemic

Galtzagorria by Ziortza

MacFlynn the Merman by Blackhatllama

Noelia by Kat'seyes corner

Pip the Phoenix by Blackhatllama

Willy the Wizard by Maja Hansen

Fanny the Faun by Blackhatllama

Raijin by Mencantoo

Fucsia fairy bear by Mencantoo

Frog king by Mencantoo

Gol by Lynn Threaded Craft

Greenies the forest guardian by Lynn Threaded Craft

Iki, the baby dragon by CasalCrochê

Daisy the Flying Pig by Petals and Posies

Penelope The Flower Fairy and Fluffy the Bunny by Petals and Posies

Rosie the Magical UniCat by Petals and Posies

Apollo, The Sun God by Crochetoony

The Kuker by Crochetoony

Mari, Oci and Bea, the mermaids by Paw-Gurumis

Santa and his Rudolf by Neeko Noir

Mr. Drago by Michalewska

Diana the wild spirit. by Goldigurumi

Troll Thorvald by By Gies

Sem, the baby mandrake. by Príncipe del crochet

Calliope by Rêve En Coton

Quetzalcoatl by Jovistron

Grumpy O’Shamrock by BD Hook

Carrie the Unicorn by Beadle

Walbert the fengg by SannBears

Molly the Sweet Tooth Fairy by Hello Yellow Yarn

Mrs Fiona Nicks the Phoenix by Toes Over The Line Design

Petunia the Garden Fairy and her Mushroom House by Yarn Blossom Boutique

Stardust the Nine-tailed Fox by amiguruku

Merlinetta, the little dragon fairy by Ternuras en Crochet

Julia the Unicorn by OMG - OpMaatGehaakt.nl

Marina the Mermaid by Just Jenni Designs

Will-of-the-Wisp by Just Jenni Designs

Calloo the Flying Pig by Just Jenni Designs

Draco-Kitten by Just Jenni Designs

Agnes the Unicorn by Just Jenni Designs

Gombo the Goblin by Nichole Dobrinski

Fairy Lilly by Didi

Letty de kobold by Haluster

Hairy the Sasquatch by Manda's Critters

Cyndy Cyclops by Penelope Clubb

Melody Mermaid by Penelope Clubb

Stella The Unicorn Mermaid by Irene Strange

Lucy(female) and can (male) by Christmas elf

Kaunos The Mermaid by Berrin Kurak

Bobbles by Tales of Twisted Fibers

Franky the Jackalope by drawn and hooked

Sharok by Amalou.Designs

Sassafras the Jackalope by Clare Hayes

Josie by Joelles Amigurumis

Nessie by Clare Hayes

Kala the Phoenix by Mary The Cotton Drawer

Unicorn Johjohkim by johjohkim

Rainbow Unicorn by Berrin Kurak

Faraday the gnome by Teleo

Elea the elf, spirit of the Magical Forest by Zipzipdreams

Thekla Spider Witch by anni_gurumi

Zói - the unicorn by Casal Crochê

Yuki the Japanese Snow Dragon by Leanna's Designs

Bunnycorn by Doña Cata

Sophy the Unicorn by Snowflake

Uni Queen by Tiny Curl

Fluffy, the Marsh Spirit by The Itsy Bitsy Spider

Nekochan The Bakeneko by The Chloe Box

Dan and Dex the little dragon brothers by Astrid_haakt

Baby Unicorn by Bunnies & Yarn

Linda the Unicorn by Bunnies & Yarn

Felicia the Fairy Doll by Bunnies & Yarn

Mindy the Mermaid by Bunnies & Yarn

Grandma Blue Fairy by Rilla2u

Edna the Elf Doll by Bunnies & Yarn

Anna the Friendly Mermaid by Bunnies & Yarn

Sweet Unicorn by Bunnies & Yarn

Danny the Friendly Dragon by Bunnies & Yarn

Betsy the Big Unicorn by Bunnies & Yarn

Ava Fairy by Julio Toys

Rainbow the unicorn by Gallimelmas e Imaginancias

Holly Troll by Hardicraft - Crochet

Angel by Carine's Knuffiesss

Archangel Michael by Daniela Ribeiro

Scarlet the Phoenix by MevvSan

Ice-Queen puppet by Creïmtions

Victoria, the unicorn rainbow maker by My Rainbow Crochet

Pierre Martini, the relaxed unicorn by Daisydy

Gazella the the Deer Fairy by kediperiatolyesi

Max de Sneeuwbalkabouter - Max the Snowbal Dwarf by CreaTissa

kitsune fox by alyssum designs

Ashley the Phoenix Amigurumi by The Cheerful Chameleon

Juno the star fairy by Cassandra White

Spring a garden fairy by @pimpilou_crochet

Trolley the Troll by @pimpilou_crochet

GNOA by @pupi_popi

Fiona by Vaemkes

Mr. Franklin Forge, Steampunk Elf by CB's Creations

Bella the unicorn by DIY Fluffies

Lucian the Unicorn by Tinkygurumi

SunSinger, the Dragon by Pink Mouse Boutique

Antonin, the Wizard by Pink Mouse Boutique

Glimmer, the Unicorn by Pink Mouse Boutique

Animal friend - Unicorn by Katrineklarer

Julian by Ellen BeCreative

Mermaid Unicorn by Crafty Intentions

Draco Dragon by Heartfully Stitched

Fiona Unicorn by haekelnundkuscheln

Thalyssa the Chthulu by Drunkenauntwendy

Betty the Yeti by Drunkenauntwendy

Jinn, the baby genie of the lamp by THM - By Dani Dalledone

Dawn the Huldra by Ashlyns Crafix

Mara The Arachne by Ashlyns Crafix

Pachamama by Verónica Bertone

Tiny Unicorn, Juniper by Projectarian

Tiny Pegasus, Astrid by Projectarian

Nomadic Galaxy Pony, Comet by Projectarian

Nomadic Galaxy Pony, Aurora by Projectarian

Mermaids of Hong Kong by anniegurumi

Athanasie by DixieWulfe Designs

Cax the Cockatrice by Golden Enigma Crochet

Wendy the Wind Fairy by Sabrina Somers

Emily the Earth Fairy by Sabrina Somers

Witch by Sabrina Somers

Griffy by Sabrina Somers

Ekio by Heidis hæklerier

Floralis, the flower's fairy by VictoriaAzul

Kaia by Lepetitecocoandco

Ellie by Heidis hæklerier

Fiona the forest goddess by Ms.Eni

Nature Creature Quartet Balls by Missbananacrafts

Pi the Phoenix Ball by Missbananacrafts

Dri the Dragon Ball by Missbananacrafts

Pastel by Manuska

Mamma - The faily god Mother by Whenhookmetyarn

Alyria, The Voodoo Fairy by Crocheted Things

Zoë, the Forest Fairy by Amilishly


Plumpy the Rainbow Unicorn by meeCrochet

Morveren the Mermaid by The Stitch Tower

Jojo the Jackalope by Cees van Tol

Drianna the Dryad by SavageCraftCo

Unicorn by Julio Toys

Baby Faun by Julio Toys

Monokë the Unicorn by Topito de Luna

Diego, the Unicornus by Valentin C.

Voodoo Doll by Snowflake

Luna the Unicorn by IlDikko

Elsie and Alfred, the toymaker elves by Crafteando, que es gerundio

Unicorn and Vampire Poop by Crafteando, que es gerundio

Hugo, the Vampire Unicorn by Crafteando, que es gerundio

Gaia, the Forest Centaur by Crafteando, que es gerundio

The Friendly Mermaid by The Friendly Red Fox

Anthelia, the flower nymph by Wundervolle Amigurumi Welt

Casper the Chimera by Pokegirl93

Twinkle the unicorn by SugarySweetDesign

Fynn, the guardian angel in a unicorn costume by {Amour Fou}

IJsbloemenfee Emily / Ice Flower Fairy Emily by CreaTissa

Foxella by kediperiatolyesi

Gorri, Hidden Forest Sprite by ENREDADA EN...

Anjana, the forest fairy by Amtai_artesania

Wenn the Flying Pig by The Hippy Cryptid

Moritz, the golden donkey by Einschlafzauber

Abta the tree spirit by Ems P

Yona the Yeti by CrochetHan

Sienna the Mermicorn by crochetyey

Medusa the snake-haired mermaid by Amination

Denzel the Dragon by Little Green Bear

Miranda the mermaid by Stella C

Rainbow, the faun by Descabdello

Madremonte by Holly’s Hobbies

Isabel the unicorn by Tejidos Nanda

Simon the Phoenix by Tejidos Nanda

Angel Cupid's Love by Jessie Lin

Whelan O'Wool the Leprechaun by Keep Calm and Crochet On U.K.

Crazy witch Violet by Pletionica

Aurora The Mermaid by Havva Kocak

Aya the Angel (First day on the job) by Amigurumei

Dalila, a baby dragon by Sel

Paola the Harpy by Costurera_e

Manou the Mermaid by Ms.Eni

Little Demon by Little Fox Run

"Knife thru the Heart" Zombie by Little Fox Run

Tinka Troll by By Gies

SuperElfie (Selfi) by SuperWooly

Fernadine the Forest Troll by Designs by Tam

Jumping Jack Little Witch by CB's Creations

Alfred by Ana Carbonera

Seraphina the Fairy by Nellie's Garden

Dragoo by JennysitaDesign

Poki by JennysitaDesign

Spark the friendly dragon by Creepy and Cute

Mushroom Fairy by kediperiatolyesi

Lily the unicorn by Mi fil, mi câlin

Baby Chimera by Reverie by Carolina

Mina the Genie by Pink Mouse Boutique

Poppy the Fairy by The Left-Handed Crocheter

Philip the Dragon by The Left-Handed Crocheter

Stanley the Unicorn by The Left-Handed Crocheter

Waldo the Wizard by Christel Krukkert

Paddy the Leprechaun by Angels Creations Crochet

Mountain Troll by Josie Martini

Steampunk Mermaid by Angels Creations Crochet

Gnorman the Gnome by Keep Calm and Crochet On U.K.

Ni the Unicorn Ball by Missbananacrafts

Caspara the Manticore by The Hippy Cryptid

Devil Boy by IBY Crochet

Blanca, the mermaid/ La sirena Blanca by La calle de la abuela

Uni the Unicorn by uni

Familie Spillebeen by Anniegurumi's

Floofs! by Living Loopy Creations

Juno the unicorn by Cute.as.yarn (on Instagram)

Bowie the dragon by made by J

Emilia the cyclops by Chappygurumi

Sandy the Sea Dragon by EmmaCraftsDesign

Bobby the Dinocorn by LittleAquaGirl

Batboy by Anja Van der Spiegel

Sparkles the Ice Dragon by Rebecca Swift

Astrid the sleepy Mermaid by Julybio

Salacia by Havshoej86

Galathea by Havshoej86

Nora and Naomi: Best Sea Friends Forever by anniegurumi

Catharina the Catwitch by Cees van Tol

Patty McWiggles the Leprechaun by Beehive Blue

Drew the Dragon by IlDikko

Fiona the Fairy by IlDikko

Popcorn the Dragon by Theresa's Crochet Shop

Lily, the water nymph by {Amour Fou}

Jack Frost by Stella C

Haruka the magical unicorn by Amigurumei

Yoshi the Abominable Snowbaby by Amigurumei

Sereia Clara by E G Hand Made

Waverly, the Mermaid by Diana Moore

Neville by Chappygurumi

Doris by Chappygurumi

Filip the Unicorn by hookabee

Ephyra and Adamaris, two merpeople in love by Zum flauschigen Einhorn

Sally the winged Unicorn by Zum flauschigen Einhorn

Frog Prince by Maja Hansen

Timmi & Tilda - little Dragons by Jenny's IdeenReich

Paco The Minotaurus by Imuamigurumi

Nube, the unicorn by Botón de flor

Amora by Aukillu

Clive the Lunicorn by The Loopy Home

Aurora by Aukillu

Pippa the Hippocampus by Kleinespustebluemchen

La Catrina by Lisa Lopez-Smith

Pixie the Unicorn by A Menagerie of Stitches

Drake the Dragon by Moji-Moji Design

Angel by MinuLelu

Zuzi the Archer Medusa by The Chloe Box

Pinch Goblin by Hello Yellow Yarn

Unicorn BonBoo Monster by Yarnimo Crochet

Pumpkin and Strawberry elves by lillys bears

Olifotinos by Marjan van der Leer

Unicórnio by @brincardecroche

Baby Dragon by @brincardecroche

Cirrina the Mermaid by eringurumi

Freesia the Fairy by eringurumi

Juniper the Elf by eringurumi

Camo the Dragon by eringurumi

Skye the Griffin by MevvSan

Unicorn Bel by Anabu Crochet

Majo by GanchiGurumi

Dragon Mint by Maja Hansen

Little Spikes by Maja Hansen

Flames, the baby dragon by Mrs. Merryweather

Getti the Yeti by Peppermint Crochet Designs

Lunaryo - baby dragon from Froyluntia by Ami Little Creature

Lucy the fairy princess mouse by LittleAquaGirl

Peri D' Peryton by The Chloe Box

Sydney the baby Cyclops by Kay Krochets

Flower Fairy by Amigurumi Haaksels

Usha the Sweet Unicorn by Little Green Bear

Quilia the baby Hippocampus by Emblebe Handmade

Jems & Anggun the giggly fairies by KawaiiCuteness

Feng Birds by MieksCreaties

Roy The Mandrake by Petter Petite

Pudgy Pandicorn by Minasscraft

The Enchanted Tree by YarnVarmintsPlus

Melusina ¿ Ada o Sirena? by

Phineas the Phoenix by chiogurumi

Yano the Yeti by Unkeldesign

Lore, the Hidden Forest Fairy by ENREDADA EN...

Maple the baby Woodland Sprite by Stitch by Fay

Adorable Snowman, the Yeti by Amigurumore

Hazel the Forest Elf by YukiYarn Designs

Cherry, el Mini Unicornio!! by Telaraña de Colores

Zmey Gorynych (Totosha, Kokosha, Tosha) by marko-pro

Voodoo Fairy Doll by Crocheted Things

Phineas the Peryton by Astrid_haakt

Sir Scaresalot by Mrs. Merryweather

Talya The Baby Hippogriff by Tsukimi's Cuties

Suzue the narwhal princess by Amigurumei

Phillipe, the baby dragon by MALULU ATELIÊ

The Elf Girl Pixi by Marianne Rosqvist

Reeta the Forest Fairy by Mogumi

Tiny the Baby Dragon by meeCrochet

Calista Willow Primrose - The Flower Fairy by Pink Mouse Boutique

Kabouter Spillebeen by Anniegurumi's

Aidan by Croggle

Bubba the Jackalope by

Eurydice the Nymph by JCCreations

Pan by MsHollowfox

Grugg the Ogre by Off The Hook

Lindsay and Betty by Ellay Designs

Eireen by Mogumi

Percy the Apprentice Owlery Wizard by wattlecottage

Desmond the Dragon by YarnVarmintsPlus

Aleyn by McIntyre

Phoebe, the fairy by Sel

Selene the shy Unicorn by Anonymouscrochet

Rosie by My Twisted Loops

Mimi the Mer-Princess by anniegurumi

Dragon Princesa by

Miho the nine tailed fox-girl by VIROhandmade

Glow the Firefly Fairy by The Chloe Box

Unicorn "Adele" by AramisvonK

Daphne the Dryad by Unkeldesign

Linus the Leprechaun by Ludazena

Nuquí, the Caribbean mermaid by Botón de flor

Fraga the strawberry fairy by Mispeltoy crochet

Rosita the flower fairy by Mispeltoy crochet

myo the flower fairy by Mispeltoy crochet

Amanita the mushroom fairy by Mispeltoy crochet

yala the pear fairy by Mispeltoy crochet

Padma The lotusfairy by Mispeltoy crochet

The Tree Fairy by meeCrochet

Aila by Ellen BeCreative

Sprinkles the Unicorn by Victoria Blackmore

Adelaide the Fairy by Victoria Blackmore

Sapphira the Mermaid by Victoria Blackmore

The VooDoo Twins - Crimson & Thorn by Victoria Blackmore

Frittle the Forest Spirit by KellzBellz Creations

Stuart, the Abominable Snowman by Lemon Yarn Creations

Tiny Pastel Unicorn by Lemon Yarn Creations

Goblin Girl by Cute & Crazy Creatures

Phoebe the Phoenix by Bygrarup

Blue unicorn by Cro.syet

Little Lucifer by Einschlafzauber

Qui-qui The unicorn Mermaid by Feltrilinha

Jack The Unicorn by Samy Crochê

Fantasy Fairy by Handgemaakt Haakwerk

Jacko, the jackalope by Paw-Gurumis

Luna Moth Fairy by Crafty Intentions

Dragons by Crafty Intentions

Wiley the Wisp by EmmaCraftsDesign

Brome the Gnome by jbarbmaxx

Jade the Caticorn by jbarbmaxx

Candle the Dragon by Yarn And Row

Witchi Machine by SuperWooly

Mertle by Soft Kitty Kreations

Torus by Soft Kitty Kreations

Gloria by Soft Kitty Kreations

Forest Fairy by Sarah Wolf design

Nadirah Nature Wizard by JCCreations

Blossom the Ballerina Unicorn by My Twisted Loops

My Little Winged Dragon by Soft Kitty Kreations

Princess Mabel the Mermaid by yorbashideout

mermaid by lillys bears

Rustl the Garden Elf by YarnVarmintsPlus

Ivy the Fairy by xMangoRose

Sparkles the Unicorn by Yarn And Row

La Tlanchana by Ave tejedora by Elvia Ramírez

Eder, the Hidden Forest's Nymph by ENREDADA EN...

Mothman by MsHollowfox

Purrmaid by Hooked by Robin

Eurídice by GanchiGurumi

Ember the Phoenix by GeeqiGurumi

Little Dragon by Soft Kitty Kreations

Mori the Bee Fairy by Amigurumei

Luly the unicorn by Amigurumore

White Forest Spriteling by Yarnimo Crochet

Witchella by Arzu Beyazıt

Floppy Pegacorn by Frog Hooker

Floppy Dragon by Frog Hooker

Inchoate Dragon Hoodie by ItchyCrochet Designs

Inchoate Mermaid by ItchyCrochet Designs

Inchoate Unicorn Hoodie by ItchyCrochet Designs

Devil Girl by IBY Crochet

Greta Griffin by Cat Trites

Fiorino, the faun by Sel

Tristan the Troll by JLockknits

Mermaid Lily by Leleca Dolls

Ella the Baby Unicorn Fairy by Lisa Kingsley Designs

Sven the Centaur by Holly's Hooks

Chinese Circled Dragon by Jessie Lin

Centaur @ Greek myth by Jessie Lin

Cupid and Psyche by Jessie Lin

Little Witch by Cibeli Gulini

CATİCORN THE WİZARD by Amigurumibyguli

Zeta, the dragon by Botón de flor

Arco iris, the unicorn by Botón de flor

Aqua and Marnie the Mermaids by Emma's Lilies Crafty Creations

Grifin the Grypho by SuperWooly

Arson the Dragon by SuperWooly

Princess unicorn by Unicorn

Ulysses the Unicorn by Hooked by Kati

Dragonling by Hooked by Kati

Taro the Kappa by Diceberry Designs

Pip the garden fairy by Cassandra White

Winter Dragon by Made by Mary

Daisy the Hippo Tooth Fairy by Elisa's Crochet

Squatch, a BigFoot by Mommy Made Crochet

Fairy by DuduToyFactory

Mermaids Sandy, Coral, Kealyn and Perl by DuduToyFactory

Ningyo Hime by GanchiGurumi

Tamar The Fairy by Goldigurumi

Kirin @Chinese mythology by Jessie Lin

Justitia ( Lady Justice ) by Jessie Lin

Haru the Merboy by anniegurumi

Arobelle Andrews by Soft Kitty Kreations

Flower Fairies by Pamela Morrison

Kurayami Vampire Doll by Chiharu Suh

squawtopus by lynn a moss

Lana the unicorn by Lanani Tejidos

Nina happy by Yani Lestari

Snowdrop Flower Fairy by The Cosy Crochet Nook

Granaíno the Unicorn by Lidia Aguilera Cervera

Little one by Daya

Saphire unicorn by Rebecca Jennings

Baphi by Paw-Gurumis

Dragon Chumbo by Amigurumis Coruña

Baby Selivra by Selivra

Holly the Halloween Unicorn by HookNStitchCrochet

Mr. Apple-White by Wooly_Annimals

Sandi the Unicorn by Lauren Noeth