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Dim the light, bring out your flashlight and quickly check underneath your bed: this year’s design contest theme is ‘Monsters'! They come in every color and shape, and even though they look scary at first sight, they’re actually quite sweet at heart.

No worries if your entry has recently been submitted and is not yet visible. Submissions are approved 3 times a week, so it can take a day or two before your entry shows up.

Voting will take place from December 3 till December 10 by the audience of amigurumipatterns.net.

Harry, the monster by siempre oveja

Susie and her seeing eye dog F-eye-do by AnnaRenae

Dyad by LoliFox

Lola by NLM's Crochet Creations

Stermon by Hooked by Kati

Penney by Fiber Friends

Vinny the Vampire Squid by Lily Burton

Voctor the Friendly Volcano Creature by Handmadeby MB

The Halloween Squad by Sunshine Amigurumi

Yarnster The Crochet Monster and Yarnie by Cravamimo

Sprinkles the Cupcake by AllyBennett

The Hungry Cupcakes by Enna Design

mounstruosaurio by Mounstruosaurio

Chef Monster by Christa's Corner

Lonesome Leroy by TMitch Creations

Nika, the Happy Yeti Monster by Happy Crochet, Etc...

Elektra by Lilies and Bows

Clamuel L. Jackson and Turducken by Faith C

Switchy by LiLaLy

Olli Brock by By BaT

Bumi by Sabrina's Crochet

The Pumpkin Fairy (La Fée Citrouille) by Csil at wonderland

Hairy Harry & Mini Hairy Harry by Sugaridoo

Sock monster Steve by Sugaridoo

Walter the Watchman by Fiber Friends

Amphibolo by Kirpito

Lil' Miss Spooky by Tiyaya

Skullblossom by Das furzende Einhorn

Josefine the cuddling monster and Anton the rabbit by MaMauz

Chaka Ñaui by Eliha

Lip Tree Monster by Salpeydo Designs

Guel Phink by Bem-me-quer Colorido

Alebrije by One Sweet Love

Pet Thing by The Itsy Bitsy Spider

Miss Ten Tacle by Miss Hook

Baby Yeti by The Itsy Bitsy Spider

Lion plant by Monsterito

Zimmer by Monsterito

Zombie boy Ummo and his bear Kto by ta-sign

Yeti by Monsterito

Tentacoloid by Monsterito

Boogey by Monsterito

Anter by Monsterito

TorTor by Monsterito

Cornelius the Cuddle Monster by Mink & Pebble

Kraker by Ahooka'migurumi

Hydref the little welsh tree monster by Justine Swain

Noel and Norma by Nele

Cecilia by Nele

Sgrunfo the swamp monster by Toffoletta

Lottie and Dottie by Moji-Moji Design

Harry the furry monster by DIY Fluffies

Bristly Boris by Moji-Moji Design

Mandracactus by Amigurinos

Malunna by mrsdaftspaniel

Lucky by One.By Me For You

Peanut by One.By Me For You

Bugzie by One.By Me For You

Jacqueline, the jackalope by Maria Handmade Design

Victor by Sue Spencer

Bibi the Cotton Candy monster by DIY Fluffies

Mely the Sren by ruzgarindusleri

Snuggie by made by Mriek

Cyclops Monster by inbal bar

Candy corn Monster by inbalen

Cute Monster by inbalen

Flowers Monster by inbalen

Bartolo el zombie by Nananí

Tuty by Nananí

Negburt by LoliFox

Fauno by Colorinche

GOO FEE CLOPS by REcreationsyarn Critters

Three Eye Oct-T-pie by REcreationsyarn Critters

EYE SEE THREE by REcreations Critters

Roberto by elininia

Deep Sea, Top Eyed Monster by REcreations Critters

EspantOsa by Colorinche

Doodley-orb by Woolnsticks

Constantine The Little Vampire by SheilaRivera.Creations

Ghostwitch by Mamá Marta

Mr. CottoBrain by Mr CottonBrain

Joe by Kream

Thorn Horn by TeenCrafter

Werewolf Lowe by Handmade by Hanneke

Robert the Candy Monster by Marika Uustare

Demi by Sabrina's Crochet

The Smoke Monster by Yarnia Designs

Alex Agnatha by Crafty Kitsurou

Martin the baby dragon by Lili & Stitch

Pumpkin Vampiro by Knight Of The Magic Circle

Baby devil by Littlebutcute

Bella the Sea Monster by Lia Arjono

Lilith zombie by Zombiegurumi

Count Boris of Covington Manor by Classycrochet

Spook and Crook by JennysitaDesign

Zombie Panda by Pipiii

Moss by RuDu

Gueski the Monster Frog by Gueski

Wan-Tor by The Finishing Stitch- Fiber Friends

Mallow by Heart & Sew

OKI by AmigurumisFanClub

Tom the little dragon by Christel Krukkert

Monsuta and Hebi by Esmé

Octavia the Ice Spider by Imaginesque

Mo-Mo (Monster Monica) by CreaTissa

Grumpy by Hobbydingen

Ruby by DatPilz

Kelvin the Creeker by Liens Creations

Scary Heart by meeCrochet

Ricardo and Ruben by elininia

Velma & Scabbers by Hiill

Franky by ruzgarindusleri

Eric the Stagsnail by Sue Spencer

Manfred the Monster by Haakmetsmaak

DiscoKing Bertie by KelseyWhiteleaf

Charlie "Chickenleg" by KelseyWhiteleaf

Witchi Art Designs by Petra Béla

Kozo the (un)friendly Yeti by Gergely.D

Scaredy Eddy and his Teddy by Hello Yellow Yarn

Oko by TMitch Creations

Snail Steve by Catiris

Princess Sky by Peggy Sew

Ariadne the Kelpie by Patchwork Moose

'Snork' The Sea Monster by Evans

Merlin the Gargoyle by Patchwork Moose

Speed by Farly Design

Zoppy by Haakster

Creepy Crabbit by Emmi Hai

Felix the strawberry monster by LeneS

Zizi by LeneS

Walt the Green Monster by ringbeller

Goleb by Sue van Tonningen

Yaegar the Yarn-devil by Liens Creations

Scratch the monster by Kate Alinari

Medusa and Baby Pegasus by @Flauscheinhorn

Emo Bunny by Ahmaymet

Ned of Loch Ness by Sue Spencer

Thriller Bear by Ahmaymet

Gloria the Man-Eating Plant by LoliFox

Gunther the Gorlakk by sarahberk11

Hip Hop Harry... the Monster! by LoveOfAmi

Bleepblorp by sarahberk11

Mango and Tango by Drunken Aunt Wendy

Beebs by Drunken Aunt Wendy

Hector the bone collector by Grietjekarwietje

Dooweb by AmigurumiToys

Glybol by Amigurumore

Gapper the Chibimonster by Chibigumis Amigurumis

Soul Eater by Awkward StitchUations

Monstrum planta by Louise Anita

Baby Monstrenkos by AngieGurumi

Cindy and Finger by Telaraña de Colores

Mix & Match Monsters by Featherby & Friends

Two faced monster clown by Das furzende Einhorn

Till & Tom Bigeye by Das furzende Einhorn

The Yarn Mummy by Das furzende Einhorn

Herbert Monster by Das furzende Einhorn

OctoDevil, by Iñaki (8 yrs), but crocheted by his mom! by Amour Fou - Crochet

Tiger by Virginie Satin

Globulus by Virginie Satin

Spike by Virginie Satin

Lurky - the egg monster by JennysitaDesign

Het blauwe bos monster by Handgemaakt Haakwerk

Trippy Trip by Your Designer Name

Gus the Bauble Monster by Your Designer Name

Theo the lover. by Mary The Cotton Drawer

Pierre by Sue Spencer

Frinky by OC Designs

Curi by Häkeltante2015

Gruffy Shocker by Yarns of Love

Green-eyed Nightmare by Mieke's Amis

Solomon Sockeater by By BaT

Mrs. Glamour the Yarn monster by JB Crochet Design & Creations

Zombee by móhu

Lady Liberty's Dark Side by Daisydy

Rrupi "el moustro" by Mimigurumis

Wilma the Wicked Witch by Marie et ses Jolies Choses

Queen wizard and two cute friends by Sepand Design

Gummi The Gummy Monster by Choco Apple Shop

Ceri and Osa - Two Unlikely Friends by RebsCrochetCreations

Santa Muerte by Nell Bacala

Insane Zane the Zombie Pirate Captain by TigaCubCrochet

Plagi by Kirpito

Zgnitek by Kicek

Primaveralia by Botón de flor

Charlyn the BearDragon by Yarning Dragon

Odd, Wobble, Bip and Bop by Vaemkes

Flufly by Esther hakertje

Clementine the Sock Monster by Pigbee and Co.

Pinky by Esther hakertje

Urkel by Esther hakertje

Tuppy by Ydnem

Draco, the dragon by Tiyaya

Oti by OC Designs

Jafopus by Made by LL

Bill and Bob Gardener by By BaT

Circe the Witch by KATS handmade items

malefica the witch by Mispeltoy crochet

Skully by Manugurumi

Sleeping Pumpkingirl by Manugurumi

Jumping Spider by eringurumi

Sprindlechump by eringurumi

Minotaurus by Nana Amigurumi

Breena the Prankster by Fox in the Snow

Mr. Skeleton by Little Bamboo Handmade

Aurélie and Cosmo by Crochetina

Happy Gonzo by OC Designs

Mandarino by Airali design

Murphy, the transformer little monster by Madelenon

Lui o monstrinho de cartola by Mimocroche - By Juliene

Confetto the partymonster by Me&MyHook

Klemens by Kicek

Colby by Party Crochet

Hopper by Tejidos Nanda

Jeepers and Creepers by Moji-Moji Design

Lord Graham Gibusky AKA Gibus by Nelikoptere

Poepoe the pumpkin by Little Wendy crochet

Miguel the Mountain Giant by Mi gata teje

Baby Benjy by Yarn Blossom Boutique

Bo by Hive with Happiness

Borg the Hungry by RebsCrochetCreations

Clarence the Carpenter by Theresa's Crochet Shop

Blue Lagroom by Astrid_haakt

Mr. Blue by DIY Fluffies

Marcella by Sue Spencer

Lil and her Big Monster friend by Yum Yarn

Franky the monster by PoppaPoppen

plushies monster, Ugly creature Goblin doll, crocheted toy troll by petslair

Berndt & Judy, the monsters by Descabdello

Timor the Troll Kitty by Your Designer Name

Jared by Sue Spencer

Eyes Feelers Luna by Jiyoun Handmade

Purple Cat Max by Jiyoun Handmade

Chompers by AmiableAmigurumi

Hugo, the vampire who wanted to be a unicorn by Crafteando, que es Gerundio

Bronze cave monster by AmiFan

RAGUS by ManuAmigurumi

Ara by Jucarii crosetate

Melty the ice cream cone monster by Enna Design

Little Miss Spooky by Miss Hook

Little Miss Magic by Miss Hook

Delbert the Desk Imp by Jennifer Wang Bears

Blue Boo by The Finishing Stitch- Fiber Friends

Tentakl by elen_czarna

Angry Armando by Silana_Sarafilo

Melvin by Clarissa's Creative Creations

Chickball by Kamlin Patterns

Nosyfish by Kamlin Patterns

FURI by Kamlin Patterns

Orange Mombo by By Alinies

Cebollín, the hipster ghost by Crafteando, que es gerundio

MOM by Moje Krpice

Monsterbaby Sven and his little friend Milan by JKL

Fluffy Florence by Moji-Moji Design

Hairy Horace by Janine Holmes

Birdy by MieksCreaties

The Dracula family by Amb Llana i un Ganxet

Norbert and Norah the twonsters by Haakiebraakie

Blargle by EVNM

Sparky and Frostina by Drunken Aunt Wendy

Triple Cheeseburger by Kae-Lin Kreations


Bruno Monster by Miss Blue Buttons

Monty McToothy by Maja Hansen

Dirk by Cees van Tol

Hector by Amigurumore

Soma by Craft Crater

Ebert by Silvina Norese

Globule Monster by Croch'Edu & Tric'Doudoux

Dreamy Deavy by Designed by WOLsing

Sweet Claire by Crocheted Crafts by Dani

Yum Yum by Dendennis

Henry by Horton's Crochet

Piou Piou by MaraDesign

Meara by MevvSan

Tobi the troll by Beva

Treena, monster's next topmodel by Astrid_haakt

Cheeky by Hello Yellow Yarn

The foot monster by Min kreative verden

Cleyed by Ydnem

Dansk by Tummenett

Harvey SuperHeroMonster by Haakidee

My mother is a monster :) by Woolytoons by Tessa van Riet

Werewolf by Little Bamboo Handmade

Gavin by Neen's Crochet Corner

Spike by Crocheted Crafts by Dani

Willy the Werewolf by Maja Hansen

Nanny Monster by Gloriarte

Baby Monster by Gloriarte

Monster Love by Gloriarte

FruityMons by Tales of Twisted Fibers

Monstruo del Rock by Martha

Kilian, the wood's guardian by Cecines

Toby the Triclops by YOUnique Crafts

The Water Monster by Gergely.D

Pimpilla by Gergely.D

Fogi by Gergely.D

Samuel Skeleton by The Cornish Maid & Creeper Popcorn

Jack Pumpleton by The Cornish Maid & Son

Hagen by Irene Mejia

Elliott and his Dragon dress by Daisydy

Petit Monstre Gentil by Virginie Satin

FIDO THE ZOMBI by Anna Carax

Alfa by Nina Lazou

Tato by Mongoreto

Little Ella in her monster suit by LittleAquaGirl

Snuffie by HAG2002

zombie ice cream by sundot attack

Lord Skull y El Guardián de los Huesos by Amb Llana i Un Ganxet

Qwirk by AmiFan

Zombie Bunny by Tifersarie Handmade

Giannetto l' Insetto by Creo Ergo Sum

Mrs. Piruja, the witch by Mientras Cuchufleta duerme

Lolita and her voodoo doll by Mientras Cuchufleta duerme

Frank the frankenstein Cat by Amigurumis by Pao

Monty and Myrtle the Monsters by IlDikko

Flo - The Hipster monster by Jennysita

Glowey Monster by Kenjiku and Amex

Flora - The Plant Zombie by Amour Fou - Crochet

Horace by MevvSan

Joe & Moe - The Monsterhunters by Amilovesgurumi

Aunt Bobby-Jean by Elaine's Kreations

Monster Garden by Elaine's Kreations

Monster plant by Elaine's Kreations

Tukao by Baharak Karimi

Monster Lars, Monster Todd, and Monster MaryAnn by footloosefriend

Hugy by Baharak Karimi

Little Grizzle by Relish Tots

Miks Tep Martin by Kawaii Cuteness

Frankensine by Maja Hansen

Grrrant by The Creative Student

Little Green Monster by Mientras Cuchufleta duerme

Friendly Monster by Likanacraft

Two Headed Diega by Los Sospechosos

Diega the witch by Los Sospechosos

Oto by Agueda

Dwaaloog by Lilou

Amor by Little Bear Crochets

Mister Fang by Tales of Twisted Fibers

Sluggy by Jennysita

Moroo by Jennysita

Larsky - The pokedot monster by Jennysita

Pup the blue monster by Jennifer Barbour

Sweetonster by Ayla Pérez

Clyde by Drunken Aunt Wendy

monstruo de jardin by ganchillera


Mr. and Mrs. P by WENDY BROAD

Snake Monkey by Angels Creations Crochet

Monty by Tales of yarn

Dual face by Astin Kirby

Friendly Monsters by amigurumiguru

Nedd the Nosferatu by Nell Bacala

Jerry Chills by Tia Bones

Zak the Candy Monster by The Itsy Bitsy Spider

Under-the-bedmonster-Bruno by Starhugs design

Spark The Monster by Arzu Kurt

Ho! Ho! Ho! Hissss! by nancy wilson

Adelle, the Ballerina by THM - By Dani Dalledone

Albertiino (Albert for friends) by Lillelapsiku Loomaaed / Millu Ngumumry

Matryoshka Monsters by Natalia S.

Myst the Mischievous by Fox in the Snow

Zsadist the Daring by Fox in the Snow

Frankie Stein, the zombie by uni-que-orn

Grump by Monsterito

YOLO by Monsterito

The Bad Apple by Astin Kirby

Squash the Cat O'Lantern by Astin Kirby

Bashful Evy by Astrid_haakt

Friendly Little Monsters by Just Jenni Designs

Barbara, the Pumpkin by THM - By Dani Dalledone

Goran by Tummenett

Larsa by Tummenett

Dar (short for Darwin) by Hannmade

Mr. Pearbody by LoveOfAmi

Stick The Ami by Mary's Amiland


Aaaaa by Lien

whaaa by Lien

King of trolls by Arike

Slenzy and Stanzy by EllenBeCreative

Dormi by Craft Crater

Carl by Lenigurumi

Totem - by Mahdeene

Martha "La iluminada" by Cecines

Flamy by Monsterito

Monty the 3 Eyed Alien by JulsSweetDesigns

The monster team by Starhugs design

Thready Yeti by Enchanthread

Sock Monster by Elaine's Kreations

Wormster by Elaine's Kreations

Little Forest Creature by Elaine's Kreations

Newborn Dragon by Elaine's Kreations

Mr. Envy by Elaine's Kreations

Gershom the friendly purple monster by Hooked On Patterns

Revenge of the racoon roadkill by Maja Hansen

Cadi by Penguin Place Crafts

Ahchoo by Oddball Crochet

Zedd the Zombie by Art by Elisa

Mr. Frankenstein by Little Bamboo Handmade

Two Faced Monster (Amphimonster) by Veronica Hernandez

Mr. “H”armless by ArleruMi

Wilfred by TheKnitKnackShop

Miss Cadbury Monster by Gayu Venky

smily by Zoli doudou

monster couple by Zoli doudou

Eddy the Zombie Goat by Hooves and Horns Crochet

Topsy-Turvy Monsters by Hook'd Crochet

Pumpkin Jack by Little Bamboo Handmade

octavius by Romigurumis

Spiky Little Monster by Your Designer Name

Lola-Ray by TheKnitKnackShop

Bruce by TheKnitKnackShop

Megan the monster by Little Wendy crochet

A monster named Bert by Sweet Amigurumis

Playful Crochet Balls by Monster Eye Ball

Melvin the Mutant by YOUnique Crafts

Derpy Zombie Twinkie by Enchanthread

Davinsky the human bat by Sylvie Girard

Spikes by The Crochet Shoppe

The Blue Monster by Whimsical Little Fox

Morris the Mummy by Made by Mary

Headless Horseman Amigurumi by Made by Mary

Bubble The Ami by Mary's Amiland

Frankie by Beadle

Little Crochet Monsters by CrochetedbyRikki

Felpo and Felpa by Elfin Thread