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Solomon Sockeater by By BaT (851 votes)

Little Ella in her monster suit by LittleAquaGirl (736 votes)

Mr. Blue by DIY Fluffies (734 votes)

Kraker by Ahooka'migurumi (683 votes)

Flora - The Plant Zombie by Amour Fou - Crochet (676 votes)

Monty and Myrtle the Monsters by IlDikko (640 votes)

Yum Yum by Dendennis (623 votes)

Lolita and her voodoo doll by Mientras Cuchufleta duerme (609 votes)

Dirk by Cees van Tol (521 votes)

Speed by Farly Design (517 votes)

Bibi the Cotton Candy monster by DIY Fluffies (512 votes)

Odd, Wobble, Bip and Bop by Vaemkes (495 votes)

Hector the bone collector by Grietjekarwietje (486 votes)

Monty McToothy by Maja Hansen (471 votes)

Mrs. Glamour the Yarn monster by JB Crochet Design & Creations (471 votes)

Bumi by Sabrina's Crochet (444 votes)

Bella the Sea Monster by Lia Arjono (433 votes)

Zak the Candy Monster by The Itsy Bitsy Spider (414 votes)

Cornelius the Cuddle Monster by Mink & Pebble (407 votes)

Elliott and his Dragon dress by Daisydy (400 votes)

plushies monster, Ugly creature Goblin doll, crocheted toy troll by petslair (394 votes)

Toby the Triclops by YOUnique Crafts (388 votes)

Demi by Sabrina's Crochet (377 votes)

Merlin the Gargoyle by Patchwork Moose (371 votes)

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