Cow Mia
Cow Mia amigurumi pattern by AradiyaToys
Cow Mia amigurumi pattern by AradiyaToys
Cow Mia amigurumi by AradiyaToys
Cow Mia amigurumi pattern by AradiyaToys
Cow Mia amigurumi pattern by AradiyaToys
Cow Mia

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English pattern by AradiyaToys. Includes step-by-step pictures.

On her sixth birthday, like all of her brothers and sisters before her, Mia received a very special gift from her grandmother: a teeny tiny seed. As was the family tradition, Mia’s grandmother kept a seed for each family member, which she gave them as a present when they turned six. But these were far from ordinary seeds. Even though they all looked the same, they were magical! The flower growing out of the seed would come to resemble the person who had planted it. “Here it is, the common-looking seed that will shape my destiny!”, Mia thought excitedly, clasping the little seed in her tiny palm. She knew exactly what must be done next. Mia ran outside and planted her seed in the family flowerbed. The flowerbed was filled with different kind of flowers. Here you could see the poppy of her dreamy brother, the snowdrops of her brittle sister, the rose of her beautiful mother and the lotus of her wise grandmother. There were many flowers, each of them a reflection of its owner’s destiny. Now, all Mia could do was to wait for her seed to sprout.

Telling her grandmother goodbye, Mia happily left for home. Walking down the path, she suddenly noticed a penny lying on the grass. “How lucky I am!”, Mia cried out delightedly. She picked up the penny and set off again. Seeing the ice cream shop, Mia felt her mouth water. She absolutely loved eating ice creams, like all kids! Coming closer to the shop, she saw a sign reading “Ice cream for one penny! Today only!”. “Oh, this is my lucky day!”, Mia thought blissfully.

The next morning, Mia’s grandmother went outside her house and found Mia standing next to the flowerbed. “Good morning, Grandma! Say, what kind of flower is this?”, Mia asked, pointing a finger to a green plant that had sprouted from her magical seed. “Oh, dear, this is a four-leaf clover! Now the luck will always be on your side!”, Grandma replied. “Now I see! Grandma, would you like an ice cream?”, Mia asked joyfully.

Cow Mia is a design toy, created specially for “AradiyaToys Design” collection.

Materials needed to create a 3.54-inches (9 cm) tall toy:
– hook: 1.00 mm (but you can use any hook you want, just find a proper yarn for it)
– yarn: “Iris” by Kirov Yarn Mills (150 meters / 25 grams), 100% cotton
– Black glass or safety eyes Ø 6 mm
– sewing needle
– stuffing material

This pattern is for personal use only. Sharing information from this pattern is prohibited. If you publish the photos of the toys you made with this pattern, crediting the author is always welcome.

Photo(s) by Olka Novytska.

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Stitches used: chain, single crochet, increase, (invisible) decrease, back loops only, double crochet, front loops only, half double crochet, slip stitch
Measurement: 3.5 inches (9 cm)

This pattern is for personal use. Please do not distribute, reproduce, share or sell this pattern. You may sell finished items made with this pattern provided you credit the original designer.

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