Conchita amigurumi pattern by De Estraperlo
Conchita amigurumi pattern by De Estraperlo
Conchita amigurumi by De Estraperlo
Conchita amigurumi pattern by De Estraperlo
Conchita amigurumi pattern by De Estraperlo

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English pattern by De Estraperlo. Includes step-by-step pictures.

Conchita is 15 years old and she is Minus’ neighbour. She is a shy and quiet girl. She likes staying at home and knitting. She learnt how to knit as a child with her granny and she has not stopped doing it since then. Crocheting quilts is what she likes the most but she also knits jumpers for her family and friends often.

Conchita has always been very attached to her granny. When she is older she wants to be a baker as she is; she just love everything her grandma does. Every Sunday she teaches her a new recipe: it could be a pie, cookies... Conchita looks at her very carefully; every single ingredient, every single movement is important. She is clear about it! When she gets older she will have a bakery and she will name it after her grandma.

Conchita's pattern is a 10 pages PDF that includes the written instructions to make your own amigurumi as well as a lot of pictures of the doll itself and step by step tutorials. It also includes an introduction with special stitches.

This is a quite easy pattern, but it has a few special features that make them different, like the trunk-shaped nose that you can move as you please and the embroideries of the snout and the shirt, also with instructions and step by step photos. And the little cute ears... I must admit that I just love them...


100% Cotton yarn in 6 colors: cream, mottled ocher, blue, red, navy blue and black. (I've used: Scheepjes Cotton 8 501, Scheepjes Stone Washed 809, Scheepjes Cotton 8 711, Scheepjes Cotton 8 510, Scheepjes Cotton 8 527, Scheepjes Cotton 8 515)
2,5mm crochet hook (B / 00 / 1 ½ EEUU)
2 9mm safety eyes (0,35”)
Stitch marker
Tapestry needle
Polyfill stuffing
If you want to be able to move Conchita´s legs and nose, you can put a pipe cleaner inside. (If the toy is supposed to be for a baby, I recommend you not to use them).

Stitches used: magic ring, single crochet, increase, (invisible) decrease, back loops only, bobble stitch, feston stitch, french knot, front loops only, half double crochet
Measurement: 21 cm / 8.3" height, 10 cm / 3.9" length, 6 cm / 2.4" width

This pattern is for personal use. Please do not distribute, reproduce, share or sell this pattern. You may sell finished items made with this pattern, though only in small quantities, provided you credit the original designer. Wholesale is not allowed.

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