Single crochet (abbreviation: sc)

Single crochet is the stitch that will be most frequently used in this book. Insert the hook into the next chain stitch (1) and wrap the yarn over the hook. Pull the yarn through the stitch (2). You will see that there are now two loops on the hook. Wrap the yarn over the hook again and draw it through both loops at once (3). You have now completed one single crochet (4). Insert the hook into the next chain stitch to continue the row (5). At the end of the row (6) you need to bring the yarn up to the correct height to work the first stitch. Make one chain stitch (ch) (7) and turn the work (8). Start the next single crochet in the first stitch (don’t count the turning chain as a stitch). To work into a previous row of crochet, insert your hook under both loops of the first stitch, as shown in the figure (9).

single crochet instructions

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