Design contest: Cute Fantasy Creatures

We’re back with our annual amigurumi design contest at!

Our new contest theme is at least as enchanting as the previous one. Whip out your wands (I mean, hooks): this year's design contest will conjure up the most amazing Cute Fantasy Creatures! Fluttering fairies, dramatic dragons, unique unicorns, mesmerizing mermaids and many more from all corners of your imagination can compete to see who's the most legendary / mythological / fantastical of them all, and gets to spirit away the amazing prize basket! So hooks at the ready, and show us the fantastic creatures hiding inside your suitcase (I mean, yarn stash)!

The contest has become a prized tradition and has so far produced four inspiring books as well.

In 2013 we crafted 'Amigurumi Animals at Work' with a selection of the more than 250 entries for our contest, voted by over 5000 fans. In 2014 around 3500 people chose their favorites from 120 designs, and the resulting 'Amigurumi Parent and Baby Animals' book captured crocheters’ hearts worldwide. In 2015, the most breathtaking of 250 designs, applauded by 5500 people, got a spotlight of their own in 'Amigurumi Circus'. And in 2016 over 9000 people vorted for over 400 monster designs, and the scarily cutest monsters are now lurking between the pages of our book 'Amigurumi Monsters'.

some rules

Your design should be consistent with the theme 'Cute Fantasy Creatures', being a legendary / mythological / fantastical creature from a historic tale, folklore, legend, saga. Click the link for inspiration.
We only accept crochet amigurumi designs, as our website is dedicated to crochet amigurumi.
To be eligible, completed entries must be received by Thursday, November 30 2017.
Entries must include 1 to 3 quality images and a completed form. Top-notch images can make your design pop out!
All entries must be original designs (no trademarked characters). Taking patterns or designs from any other source will disqualify your entry. For example: merely changing the color, a few stitches or rows of another person’s design is not acceptable - your work must be significantly different from any published work or trademarked character.
Designs already available on are not eligible.
Voting will take place from December 1 till December 8 by the audience of
The contest will have 3 winners who will be notified on this website, through Facebook and by email following the voting.
Even if you aren’t interested in being a professional designer, you still have a good chance of winning.
You don’t need to write a pattern for your entry.
You retain all rights to the design.
You may submit as many designs as you wish
Entering is free!

Enter now

Create a fantastic character of your own design, take some nice pictures and fill in this entry form:

Your details

Details of your amigurumi design

Images of your design

Upload at least 1 image (.jpg, .png or .gif) of max 5MB each.

Take a peek at the beautiful prizes!

Apart from eternal bliss and glory, we're happy to offer the three winners of our contest an amazing prize package, presented by our wonderful sponsors: Furls Fiberarts, Barruntando ceramics, Stylecraft yarns, Situer doll wigs, Freshstitches craft eyes and Clover. Check out the prizes they offer!


Welcome to the scandalously luxurious world of Furls Fiberarts. Their hooks are guaranteed to even your stitches, relax your hands, and make the art of crochet easier, faster, and more enjoyable for you. The teardrop body shape of each Furls hook fits perfectly into the MCP joint of your hand, providing maximum hand and wrist relaxation in all crochet grips. The 3 winners of our contest will each receive a state-of-the-art Furls Odyssey crochet hook!


The founders of Barruntando ceramics are breathing new life into ceramics, which results in happy and carefree designs, handcrafted using traditional materials and techniques. Each piece is unique. Their yarn bowls are beautifully detailed and designed with humor. The winner of our competition will recieve a Chubby Cat yarn bowl. The 2nd and 3rd place winners will each receive a Green Star yarn bowl.


Stylecraft provides high quality yarns for hand knitting and crochet. Stylecraft Special DK is a 100% acrylic quality yarn available in many beautiful colors. The yarn is extremely soft and crochetwork with this fibre will remain beautiful in the long term. The 3 winners of our contest will each receive a set of 20 balls of special DK yarn, presented in a nice cloth bag!


Situer has provided 3 sets of doll wigs in a variety of lively colors, to give each amigurumi doll you make that instant cute hairstyle. The 3 winners of our contest will each receive a colorful set of doll wigs from Situer!


Clover crochet hooks are an exuberant rainbow - but also practical! They feature a wider and easy-to-grip handle that is warm to the touch and gives the user a comfortable finger placement. Each of the 9 sizes features a different bright and fun colored handle, the array of colors makes sizes quickly identifiable. Each of the 3 winners of our contest will receive a set of 9 Clover Amour crochet hooks!


FreshStitches offers a beautiful collection of craft animal eyes and noses, to give your amigurumi that instant cute look. The 3 winners of our contest will each receive a wonderful selection of craft eyes, including black craft eyes in sizes 6mm-40mm, color craft eyes in 6 colors as well as pairs of comic eyes


Our books series is our very own compilation of top-notch patterns from designers around the world. You'll find the cutest animals in each edition, clear instructions on how to make them and basic stitch explanations that help you along the way. In addition to the complete Zoomigurumi series, each of the 3 winners of our contest will also receive all of our other titles, which results in a collection of 17 books in total!

Check out the entries that have been submitted

Curious to see what others have made for this contest? Check out the entries that have been submitted and approved. No worries if your entry has recently been submitted and is not yet there. Submissions are approved 3 times a week, so it can take a day or two before your entry shows up.